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Pest controlling methods

We all love gardening. The whole process of the plant growth is very delicate, and you need so much discipline and dedication to have the perfect garden. Right from Digging the ground and making the soil loosen up so that the roots of the sapling can penetrate well into the ground, to watching the plant grip the ground and starting to grow with its first new leaf can bring such happiness to those who love gardening. Pouring water can be another task which you need to do very dedicatedly without missing any day. After all this hard work and dedication when the sapling starts to grow slowly and gives it fruit, we feel so fulfilled and satisfied. But there is something which adds up to this process – the pests.

Pest controlling

With all the nurturing and suitable environment that makes the plants grow well attracts pests which grow on these plants and cause damages to these plants. If these pests are not controlled then plants in your garden will be affected very badly. All the hard work and dedication you put in while gardening will become wasted. Thus keeping your garden pest free is very important to save the life of your plants.

The following are some of the pests which typically attack your garden and the ways to protect your garden from such pests:

  • Aphids.
  • Carrot rust flies.
  • Cut Worm
  • Bean Beetles.


Aphids are tiny insects which survive on sucking the sap of the plant. These Aphids are present all through the season and grows on any plant. Aphids usually target on the Juicy sap of the plants, so if your plant gets healthy nitrogenous soil and water, then there are likely more chances for Aphids to attack your plant. Try to reduce nitrogen content in your soil.

Carrot rust flies:

The carrot rust fly usually attack the roots of the plant. The fly eats off the roots thus affecting the growth of the plant. The best way to avoid the carrot rust fly is by doing crop rotation.

Crop rotation is a process where you alternate the planting the plants in your garden. You can plant carrots the first time, and then change the crop so that the soil will regain back its potential.

Cut Worm:

The Cut worms are a kind of caterpillar which feeds on the seedlings and the stems of small samplings. To prevent this pest from harming your plants, expose the soil on which you are planning to plant the saplings in the sun so that these cut worms do not affect the roots. To cover up the stems, try to use cardboards or paper to cover the stems of the plant.

Bean Beetle:

These beetles chew on the leaves of the plant and survive. The leaves of the plants being vital for photosynthesis, have to be protected.  The bugs removed by using organic pesticides, get killed immediately. You can also eliminate the eggs of the beetle laid on the leaves.

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