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Various Types Of Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation:

Drip irrigation is said to be one of the best forms of irrigation which is available. The drip irrigation system is also known as Trickle irrigation works by the method of sprinkling water to the roots directly where most of the absorption takes place. Poring plenty of water on the top of the plant is like asking us to pour water on our head and expecting us to quench our thirst.

Plants absorb water through their roots, so it is important to make sure that the water is poured on the roots where maximum absorption of water takes place. Drip irrigation prevents the water from getting clogged and also reduces all the diseases which are caused by the plants.

There are various ways to set up drip irrigation, some of the types of drip irrigation are:

  • Porous Soaker Hose Systems.
  • Emitter Drip System.
  • Micro Sprinkler head.
  • Watermatic Drip System.

Porous Soaker Hose Systems:

Porous Soaker Hose Systems

Porous hose systems are the simplest type of drip irrigation you can create. This type used for watering lawn grass, Small shrubs, and other small garden plants is very efficient. This method of drip irrigation is straightforward and also inexpensive to use. The concept is that there are many pores in the hose and water comes out these tiny pores and provides water to the plants. This type made at home with the help of a small tube or a tire is elementary. Punch out small holes in the tube and then connect a water source to the machine and allow water to drip through the tiny holes slowly.

Emitter Drip System:

Emitter Drip System

In emitter Drip irrigation method, there are many pipes kept which emit water to the plants. These tubes are maintained apart from each other so that clogging does not happen. If you happen to have a vegetable garden, then this method is the best for watering your garden. This emitter Drip System used for trees and shrubs minimizes water waste. The emitters must be made sure that it does not come very close to the ground making the water to clog.

Micro Sprinkler Head:

Micro Sprinkler Head

The Micro Sprinkler Head system is also known as the low volume sprayers. This type of drip irrigation has a combination of both the sprinkler type irrigation and the drip irrigation. The pressure and the flow of the water are comparatively levels of this kind.  They also do not consume more water when compared to the other types of drip irrigation.

Watermatic Drip System:

Watermatic Drip System

This kind of irrigation is used to water trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. The devices such as micro sprays serve as an excellent way to sprinkle water. The water loss in this method is shallow, and the water poured to the plans are poured in such a way that there are less evaporation and more seeing in of water to the roots. This method can be used in areas where there is water scarcity and conserving water is an important aim.

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