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Solar Energy and Your Home’s Heating Needs

Harvesting Solar Power

What a lot of people do in order to get heat is simply press a button or turn a dial, which is convenient, but not necessarily the most effective way. Solar power is an extremely cost-effective way to heat businesses, schools and houses, and it is not difficult to do. The onset of winter does not mean no solar powered energy – many ways exist to harvest the energy of the sun even then. A solar source such as a sun room is needed, which not only attracts sunlight but also keeps the heat within it.

Sun Rooms

Floor to ceiling glass panels are utilized to construct a sun room, which is usually connected to the residence. Sun rooms are normally constructed to face the morning sun, which allows them to receive the most natural light. The sun shines in through the glass and heats the interior of the area. The heat is trapped in the room, and is not allowed to escape back out through the glass. The heating is quite efficient provided that the room is made properly, and of course it is absolutely natural.

Thermal Mass

Thermal mass, which holds the heat when it’s been absorbed, is another of a number of other forms of solar heating. It works by absorbing and retaining the heat until the sun sets and then begins to spread it. The trombe wall, which employs channels of air to retain the heat, is one other natural solar system used for heating and also ventilation. The heat will become confined between the thermal mass that is facing the sun and a glass object. The heat is kept within a wall and afterwards radiated by it, moving through appropriately positioned vents. A different one that also makes use of a wall facing the sun is a transpired collector, which heats up the air with the captured sunlight, as it enters the ventilation system.

Renewable Resources

A building may be ventilated using a solar cooling process. It utilizes a steam engine that operates on solar power, with a cooling device connected to it, which absorbs the heat and converts the steam into ice. The solar chimney, built by hollowing out a thermal mass, is another sort of solar ventilation system. The air within the chimney is heated, and it is dispersed properly as the warm air rises. As you can see there are several ways that businesses and homes can be warmed. These are only some of the ways where you can use the sun’s heat along with natural materials. Not one of them were using non-renewable resources in order to generate artificial heating.

If you are searching for ways to heat up your residence without utilizing non-renewable resources, then a few of these examples might be of interest to you. They all make use of the power of the sun. In order to get the most use out of these systems, you might need to live somewhere where the sun shines frequently for sustained periods. All of us should have a source of heat to be able to keep our residences warm.

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