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Container Gardening – Simple Ways to Make it Work for You

Container gardening can be the answer for people who think that gardening is too complicated or time consuming or that they don’t have enough room to do it properly. When you start container gardening, it could be a project as easy as one container with a simple plant in it. Once you have a basic understanding, you will be able to experiment and put more than one plant in a container. Before you know it, you will be on your way to a rewarding, enjoyable container gardening experience.

One of the first things to do is pick out the types of containers you will be using for you garden. The list of options for containers for your garden is quite long; such as boxes, food containers, plant pots, etc. When you pick wood containers for your garden; it is best not to use chemically treated wood and realize that this material will deteriorate over the years. Whatever the type of container you decide on; it is essential that there be holes in the bottom to allow the water to drain. When you figure that dark colors will possibly take in and hold too much heat for your plant; you may be better off if you opt for a container which is a light color. Choosing the right size for your containers is also important, and this will depend on what you’re planting. You want to be sure to give your plants, herbs or flowers enough room.

Despite any handicap or illness that you may have, because it is so easy to do, container gardening has something for everyone. If you have had a regular garden before, you may think that container gardening has some of the same elements including shoveling and bending – this is not the case. For some people, depending upon their particular handicap, these types of actions are not possible. Yet with a container garden, there is a great deal of flexibility about where the plants are located. Due to this mobility factor, people with limited motion ranges can still garden to their hearts content. Therefore, anyone that would otherwise be unable to garden at all can now do so by doing their gardening in this way.

The type of garden that you plant in your container gardening can be edible, or simply something that you want to look at in your spare time. Typically, due to the small size of the garden, aesthetics plays a large role in regard to what people plant in it. You should consider what color your various plants or flowers are both in relation to each other and to the surroundings, whether indoors or outdoors. Colors have an impact on people’s moods, and you can choose to have plants that are more energizing or tranquil. If you want to stimulate people, plant yellow or orange plants; if you want people to feel calm, use lavender or pink for the colors that your plants will have in your container garden. Although this is totally your choice to make, the colors that you plant, depending upon the room that you place them in, may affect people’s moods so be conscious and courteous of this fact.

There are a lot of people wanting to cultivate their own gardens, with their own veggies and herbs; this means that container gardening will be more prevalent than ever. Although we would like to invest in a good sized garden; it would invariably take a lot of time and space that we do not necessarily have. Although a lot of us would idealistically love to maintain a big garden; many of us are only given a limited amount of space, which is where a container garden comes into play.

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