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Gardening to Relax

When you find a hobby that interest you it can be a way to relieve stress or to get away a little while from your
troubles. Hobbies can build self esteem and give you something that you can accomplish on your own and for yourself. Gardening is also considered a hobby for some.

There are several reasons why gardening can help you relax. Usually, you feel better if you can separate yourself from a stressful situation and that can be accomplished by doing somthing that you like.

Gardening can build self confidence and it can raise self-esteem. When you grow a garden you can feel satisfied
knowing that you created something important and special. Gardening can also get you out of the house in order to enjoy the fresh air which is very healthy.

Gardening can be done outdoors or indoors, depending on where you live and your physical limitations. Even those
with disabilities can benefit from gardening in several ways.

Gardening can be easy to do and it may have a positive effect on someone who is normally depressed or sad. They
may feel like they are unable to succeed in anything or low self-esteem.

Gardening for themselves can instill all of the positive feelings that someone may need to get them back on track.
Watching something grow has a positive affect on everyone, but especially the one that is growing the garden.

Growing a garden inside during the winter months is a great way to beat the winter time blues.

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